About Us

Dolphins Projects Group Pty Ltd

is a Sydney based construction & project/construction management company established to provide a comprehensive range of innovative management and planning services within the construction industry with reliability, with over 25 years’ experience in the design & construction industry.

The aims of our practice are as follows:

  • To set and maintain high standards of professional services;
  • To provide an efficient, high personalized, dedicated and friendly service to our Clients;
  • To strive for excellence in project design and management, including tight time/cost control.

Our primary goal is a professional approach to construction, project management, building design and planning with a well-developed sense of appropriateness while considering the quality of the built environment.

Rodney Albert Yannakis - Director

Building Designer / Project Manager / Builder


Rodney Yannakis started his career in the construction industry with a glass manufacturing company that required him to get hands on experience on building sites. In 1988 he joined a medium sized firm of architects and planners who were designing and documenting a variety of large residential and commercial projects. Since 1990 he has been involved in a number of projects as a building designer, project/construction manager & builder. Rodney was involved in renovation works and medium density residential developments. He has valuable experience in the design and documentation of projects, both on the drawing board and on computers with extensive experience in dealing with local councils and other authorities. He also assists his clients in the negotiations and acquisitions of potential development sites throughout Sydney.

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